Pousada Vaga Lume
Praia das Encantadas, s/n, Ilha do mel, Brazil

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Vaga Lume hostel is one of the first inns in the island and since 1983, it maintain the rustic and simple, but very cozy place.

Our hostel is placed in a very privileged area of Playa de Charmed - Ilha do Mel. Our hostel is at the foot at the hill and in the middle of the Native Forest of Ilha do Mel, very close to the beach.

With a scenery teeming with natural landscapes in which mingle the climate of the beach and the green of native florest, forming beautiful scenery in perfect interaction with the exuberant nature of Ilha do Mel.

Come to this piece of Paradise in the Paraná Coast!


    * Breakfast Area. * Rest areas with hammocks avaluable. * Our hostel is surrounded by the native forest of Ilha do Mel.


Here's the full description of how to get to Ilha do Mel.

Bus - Bus from Curitiba.
(Capital of Paraná).

Take the bus and car crash Graciosa request as the destination port of embarkation for the Ilha do Mel in Pontal do Paraná. (Spa of Pontal do Sul).

With an option to purchase tickets round-back to the port of embarkation.

Aircraft - Afonso Pena International Airport.
(City of St. Joseph of the Pines - Paraná).

Destination - Road to Curitiba, takes about 30 minutes.

Transport Options:

Option 1 - Line Executive
The airport offers service minibus
(Line Executive Airport, the fare of this line is R$ 8.00).

Option 2 - Speedy Line
Transportation by bus passengers who prefer this can count on ligeirinho Airport.
(Coach of the conventional line of Curitiba your fare is R$ 1,90).

Option 3 - Taxi
A taxi from the airport and downtown Curitiba costs around R$ 40,00 to R$ 50,00.


Take the bus and car crash Graciosa request as the destination port of embarkation for the island of honey in Pontal do Paraná (Spa of Pontal do Sul).

With option to buy tickets and round-back to the port of embarkation, the crossing takes about 30 minutes.


Option Via Train:
Train - Rodoferroviária Curitiba
If you opt for the beautiful fall train during the week, he will only go to the town of Morrisons (Sunday arrives at the town of Paranagua).

Morrisons City:
Eexiste bus route to the city of Paranaguá (daily) by the Roads and Traffic Marumbi Graciosa.

Paranaguá City:
You can use the terminal for boarding the Honey Island (opposite the tourist information center of the government of Parana), with an average time of passage through 01h30.

If you want, there is the possibility of chartering Van (minibus).



Departure terminal (Pontal do Sul):
Tel 55 (41) 3455-1144

Forestry Police Battalion - Green Force:
Tel: 55 (41) 3426-8004 (GMT) & 3426-9085 (Charmed).

IAP - Environmental Institute of Paraná - (Ilha do Mel):
Tel: 55 41 3426-8005

Copel - Companhia Paranaense de Energia Electric
Tel: 0800-51-0116 (Brazil).

Civil Defense - Emergency:
Tel: 199 - (Brazil).

The Crossing:
The trip to Ilha do Mel is done safely by boats that leave from Pontal do Sul (30min - R$ 23.00) or Paranagua (01:45).

There are regular daily between 08h00 and 17h00, but can also be chartered vessels at another time.

During the season, boats leave every 30 minutes, and off-season on the hour.

The destinations on the island are two (both with a pier for landing):
Charmed or Nova Brasilia (which also includes lighthouse and Fortaleza).

There is also a regular boat line between charm and Nova Brasilia, which leaves every hour.