Nahu Hostel Butanta
Rua Marinha de Moura Pimenta, 354, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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From Nights People


Have you imagined rolling around the world spending little and making friends all over?

For whomever that doesn´t care about 5 stars hotels, and prefers simplicity, yet with a lot of comfort, security and hospitality, Nahu Hostel Butantã is for you!

We pledge to provide a comfortable, quiet, clean and good vibes ambiance, in order to make your trip a fun, practical, safe and cheap experience.

We offer accommodation at pretty affordable rates, making it easy for people who want to spend most of their budget in fun, trips or studies.

But not only that, for besides affordable accommodation, our philosophy consists in providing a proper environment for the knowing of different cultures and costumes, promoting respect of the peculiarities of each people, stimulating collective cohabiting,thus contributing to each individual´s personal formation.

We appreciate a lot things like friendship, solidarity, and the desire to travel and to know different places, people and habits.

At Nahu Hostel, we worry about knowing each guest´s name and to make them feel like at home, helping in everything within our reach for them to make the most of the time they spend with us.

Being a traveler, back packer or adventurer, is above all, loving freedom, honoring and respecting coexistence and collectiveness.

Besides our well know and comfortable collective rooms, we offer individual rooms for those who need more privacy. All our rooms are equipped with individual lockers. We have leisure areas for everyone to meet each other. The kitchen and the TV room are common areas, just as our grill, our game room and our patio, our guests favorite.

We are part of Hostelling International (Hi Hostels), an international organization with a high standard of quality. Hi Hostels is present in more than 90 countries and has more than 4000 hostels affiliated around the world. The aforementioned just completed a hundred year history, and has more than 3 million associates from around the world. People like you, adventurous, fun and with traveler spirit, who like to stay in high spirited places, where it´s easy to meet people from around the world.

Our Basic Principles: Security, Cleanliness, Hospitality and Good Prices!