Other Side Hostel
Travessa 11 de Maio #16, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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How does all-u-can drink Caipirinhas sound... how about have live samba groups rehearsing in the Sambodromo, in front of us, nearly every night until Carnaval (here, its already Carnaval)... how about personally guided nights out, every night.... we like to go out, and we want to take you along! This is not your typical hostel, so don't expect it to be. But expect great value, more options than your guidebook, honest prices, and a time you will never forget. This is the Other Side of travel; the way it should be.



From the International Airport: Take the big blue shuttle bus (R$12) to the bus terminal (Rodoviara). From the bus terminal take bus 110... the bus will ride DIRECTLY THROUGH the Sambodromo and you get off at the next stop. Our hostel is just across the street.

From the bus terminal, then its bus 110... a short 5 minute ride.

Remember wherever you are coming from that every taxi driver and person in the city will know where the 'Sambodromo' is... our front door is right next to it!